Vodolei Krapets Luxury Apart Hotel - about us

The elegant and luxury Vodolei Apart Hotel is fortunate to occupy a great location at the southwestern end of the small seaside village of Krapets, just 500 meters from the crystal-clear waters of the Black Sea and 3 kilometers from the fantastic Krapets beach. The coastal village is a lovely, calm place ideal for escaping the day-to-day hustle of the city.

The newly opened, luxury Apart Hotel offers a range of options from one to two bedrooms apartments, as well as four two-family, separated houses making them the perfect option for families or groups of friends. This contemporary and spacious accommodation provides comfortable living areas fully air conditioned, with modern furniture and large screen satellite TV’s. In addition, every apartment features a modern fully equipped kitchen, with a large refrigerator, ovens, hobs, a kettle, and an extractor. All necessary kitchenware are available for your convenience while preparing your delicious family meals or snacks. The guests can enjoy the comfortable double and single beds, complimented with relaxed and fresh cotton linen.. In each apartment of the Apart Hotel, you can enjoy a wide, sun- kissed balcony seating while enjoying a cup of coffee or getting some work done. Vodolei is pleased to offer complimentary Wi-Fi in all rooms as well.

All the rooms and family houses are overlooking a spacious, grassy garden which will unmistakably nourish your soul. The chirping sounds of birds and an aroma of pure, fresh, green grass can evoke soothing feelings and peace of mind to your self and your family and friends. The lush garden makes you feel closer to nature, simply providing a peaceful escape from the hectic times of the city. Moreover, the garden is a wonderful place not only for your daily stress relief or playtime with the kids. A perfect time to walk the trail on it may be during the summer nights while the golden moonlight glows your way forward while taking a walk with your loved ones.

Vodolei is pleased to provide an indoor pool and sauna amenities to its guests. There you will find another pleasant spot for your relaxation and wellbeing.

Feel right at home and stay relaxed and hassle free while discovering the convenience, comfort, and quality of service in Luxury Apart Hotel Vodolei . Suitable for short-term or long term stays as per your preferences, Vodolei will ensure to provide to its guests everything they might need during their stay and help them explore the village by recommending the best places to see, eat and have a drink.

Unique and not to be missed is the spacious penthouse divided onto two floors (110 sq.m), with a fantastic living room, fully equipped kitchen and two bedrooms. On the top level of the penthouse, you can find privacy and piece of mind while enjoying the stunning panoramic view of the Black Sea coast until Cape Shabla.


Why choose Vodolei Krapets Luxury Apart Hotel?

Vodolei Krapets Luxury Apart Hotel

Comfort and luxury

20 luxury apartments, fully air conditioned, equipped with large refrigerators, ovens, hobs and hoods, indoor pool and sauna

Greenery and comfort

For your unforgettable vacation, the Apart Hotel is surrounded by 6500 sq. m. of green grass and park.

Free parking, internet, satellite TV

Parking spaces are secured for all guests. Free high-quality internet access, satellite TV and a large smart TV are provided.

Sights of interests around the village of Krapets

Vodolei Krapets Luxury Apart Hotel

The region offers many trip options: the Durankulak Lake, the Shabla Lake; the Shabla Salt Lake; Kamen Bryag; Cape Kaliakra; Taukliman; Tyulenovo; Yailata; Rusalka; Kaliakra; Bolata Beach

Many Thracian mounds have been preserved in the land of the village as well as in the surrounding villages.

The lagoon with the surrounding sea and the coastal area are a famous place for all lovers of hunting and fishing.