You may apply with requests for information as well as with firm booking at following address: or by phone: 359 (0)887 44 55 34

Your application for booking must include exact description of dates of arrival and departure, type of the apartment you want to book, number and age of guests including children above two years. They are considered and counted as persons as per apartments’ accommodation capacity.

It is necessary to execute 50% (fifty percent) pre-payment of the total amount (unless something else is agreed between Parties). Remittance is expected within five working days. Remaining balance of the amount of your total booking is due on the day of check-in.

Provided you wish, you may cancel your booking, for which you have executed the said pre-payment free of charge latest 14 days prior planned arrival. You will get reimbursed.

Alternatively, if you would wish to cancel later than 14 days prior to planned arrival you may not claim back pre-paid amount.

Your booking is valid, but it is considered CONFIRMED only after the said pre-payment is effectively executed.

Vacation Apart Hotel Vodolei (Aquarius) reserves its right to cancel at any time a confirmed and paid booking in case of Act of God, and other Force Major circumstances beyond its Management’s control. In such cases the Management may:

Propose to the Guest accommodation for alternative period at same prices and conditions or

Reimburse the Guest with the total amount paid within 10 days from date of payment, without any penalty.

It is considered that Client has read and understood present General Terms and Conditions prior booking.

Executed payment is confirming the acceptance of presents General Terms and Conditions and internal rules and regulations.

Contractual relationship between Guest and Management become effective upon booking by phone, E-mail or through the site of Vacation Apart Hotel Vodolei (Aquarius).


Check-in can take place after 15:00 hrs. on arrival date.

Upon check-in total amount due for entire stay is to be paid.

Check-out is feasible before 11:00 hrs. on the day of departure.

Pets may only extraordinarily be accommodated subject to specific agreement and approval.

Kids younger than two years are accommodated free of charge.

Upon check-in guests must present personal documents verifying their identity.

Presented data is protected in accordance with the GDPR and regulative Acts related to protection of information and are used only as necessary to obey the requirements of Bulgarian Act of Tourism. This information will only be used in connection with bookings.

Smoking is forbidden in the apartments and common internal rooms and spaces. According to local Laws smoking in covered public places and spaces is prohibited. Fine of Leva 100 may be imposed by Management for neglecting this rule.


Silence hours are mandatory between 14:00 hrs. and 16:00 hrs. afternoon as well as

between 22:00 hrs. and 08:00 hrs. during night

Guests must not disturb others’ possibility for calm relax while enjoying the swimming pool and open space of the Apart Hotel.

Arms, ammunitions, explosives, intoxicants and drugs and any other substances banned as per appropriate Law are firmly prohibited within all the Apart Hotel – in and out.

It is forbidden to take out blankets, sheets, towels, appliances, furniture being property of Vodolei (Aquarius)

Guests and visitors are obliged to avoid harm to property. Cost of damages is to be paid according to Market prices

As per Bulgarian Law Guests must be adults (18 years or older). Those younger than 18 years are considered children or youngsters and must always be accompanied by Parents or other legal representing persons.

Guests are obliged to accompany, control and take care of their children on the territory of the Vacation Apart Hotel Vodolei (Aquarius). Management is not responsible for persons under 18 years old, left without attendance.

Vacation Apart Hotel Vodolei (Aquarius) is not responsible for lost or stolen possessions.

It is not permitted to bring inside apartments and use electric appliances, except coffee makers.

Use of grills, gas cookers, barbeque, etc. is only permitted at particularly indicated places within the Apart Hotel. It is categorically prohibited to use such appliances on the terraces, pergolas or places, where they could create discomfort for other Guests.



Nature around the village of Krapets

Vodolei Krapets Luxury Apart Hotel

Krapets is famous for its sand dunes and the birds that nest and winter around it. Nature is preserved and untouched by construction, dust and noise.

The main attraction is located next to the village by the beach biosphere and archeological Durankulak Lake Reserve. The reserve and the surrounding Natura 2000 protected area are part of the migration route Via Pontica.